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Find out how we
helped our clients

Case studies

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  • Virgin Atlantic

    The challenge

    Anari has worked with Virgin Atlantic on a wide variety of business challenges. Members of the Anari team designed and developed their first PNR data warehouse (a forerunner of our current SAND data warehouse) using operational data extracted from the HP Shares reservation system. They also converted it to become a wider commercial solution with the addition of Ticket data from the VS Revenue Accounting system.

    The solution

    The Anari team has assisted with various commercial projects involving airline data – from developing a Management Information Strategy, to creating a database of unique customers, and more recently to extracting forward booked passenger details for use in the VS Customer Marketing Database.

    We’ve been working with Anari since they were established in late 2006, and have a key dependency on the booking data warehouse they built for us to feed and underpin our global data-driven marketing activities.

    The Anari team completely understand our business requirements and the challenges we face.  This has helped us forge a collaborate partnership continuously improving the solution, driven by their wealth of support and airline data expertise when and where it really counts.

    Darren Drew

    Database Marketing and CRM Manager, Loyalty Marketing

  • BAE Systems

    Anari was engaged to specify, design and build a pilot Data Warehouse (DW) and a series of BusinessObjects Reports for the Advanced Manufacturing division. The pilot focused on reporting important operational KPIs such as backlog, volume of scrap and loss, and short term capacity planning for the production of the Typhoon Eurofighter aircraft.

  • Companies House

    Anari was engaged to carry out a Business Intelligence (BI) Review. The review focused on how BI tools had been deployed and were being used within Companies house both internally and as a means of creating external value. The review incorporated both human and technical aspects, and looked at current and potential uses. High priority business needs, and technical and skill gaps were identified and a plan produced to address them.

  • Maritime and Coastguard Agency

    Anari was engaged to support SAP with development of a data-mart and subsequent data migration in relation to the MCGA’s move to SAP Cost Allocations, Financial Posting, Accounts Receivables and HR (Time Recording) modules within an ERP delivery. This included deployment of resources with skills and experience in solution architecture and design, and use of SAP products such as Data Integrator and the BusinessObjects Reporting Suite.

  • Homeserve

    Anari has had multiple engagements with HomeServe ranging from developing a BI Improvement Plan and Roadmap, through data-mart and reporting project design and delivery, to providing long-term on-site resources. We have provided an interim Head of BI and filled various positions such as BI Team Leader, responsible for transferring skills to the permanent team.

  • BG Group

    Anari was engaged to design, develop and deliver a Business Intelligence (BI) Proof-of-Concept for Financial KPIs such as Profit Before Interest and Tax (PBIT) for key projects. This involved using the SAP product set to provide a variety of presentation options such traditional graphs and charts, icicle and bubble charts, RAG alerts, waterfall diagrams and histograms.

  • Ineos

    Anari was engaged to help Ineos ChlorVinyls bring together Marketing and Sales information from three companies that had been acquired and whose operations were being merged. This involved merging data from three disparate legacy systems into a common format, so that end-user reporting capability could be developed and delivered using the SAP Sales ‘Rapid Design Template’. The delivery included a series of planning and forecasting reports, skills transfer to an in-house team of analysts, and ongoing support.

  • United Utilities

    Anari was engaged to review the heavily manual process of creating Property Search information for both domestic and commercial customers, automating the process of data collection and report generation wherever possible. This involved creating an operational data-mart that was driven automatically by postcode from web-based orders, which interacted with sewer, water, Section 108 and billing databases. The information collected was then presented using a combination of BusinessObjects reporting and GIS map plots.

  • National Policing Improvement agency

    Anari was engaged to support forces in the North West with secure delivery of standardise data to the Police National Database (PND) which is the national data store of operational policing information and intelligence provided by individual forces. This involved supply of positively-vetted experts who were able to work on sensitive projects.

  • Highways England

    The challenges

    Highways England has many complex supply chain requirements, such as performance management of Service Providers (who maintain the strategic road network) and Major Projects (who extend and enhance national infrastructure).  

    The solution

    The Anari team has been engaged on a variety of Business Intelligence (BI) projects for Highways England. This has ranged from Business Analysis to design, build and ongoing support of a Performance Management Solution for the division that manages contract performance for c.£2Bn of spend on the strategic road network. The team has also been involved with data modelling and reporting for Integrated Asset Management, Programme Development and Major Projects areas of the business.  

    We have worked with Anari for five years or so. They started off providing a Business Analyst for our BI programme, and we realised quite early on that there was potential to use their expertise more widely in the area of performance management.

    They have specified and built a very flexible balanced scorecard and reporting solution which enables us to automatically produce our monthly reporting pack. In doing so they have proved to be excellent data analysts and advisors, who are especially good at translating complex requirements into practical deliverables.

    Janet Sivorn

    Asset Information Group, NDD, Highways England

  • Southwark County Council

    Anari was involved in the design and delivery of a case management reporting solution which focused on sensitive family referrals and projects related to child cases, including case history and communications and associated interaction with family, carers and guardians. This project involved the use of positively-vetted experts.

  • Princes Foods

    Anari was engaged to specify, design and build a reporting solution to manage the Princes Foods ‘Promotional Calendar’ process. This SAP BusinessObjects based development tracked promotions by product and store, and provided analyses of cost-effectiveness of sales promotions based on various attributes such as volume, buy price, rebates and location of promotional good in store. Each promotion has a start and end date and target turnover. The reporting suite highlighted those promotions that performed well, and those that did not.


    Anari were engaged to carry out a Data Warehouse (DW) Review. The review focused on current and future business uses and investigated whether the architecture, design and operational processes were fit for purpose. The engagement was extended to include logical modelling and design of a data model that would support a variety of reporting needs including Customer Segmentation, Propensity Modelling, B2B and B2C Analysis, SEO/PPC Analysis and Clickstream.