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Anari’s Running Man….

This week Andrew Fletcher who runs our Airline IT Operations, is celebrating reaching an amazing 2000 days in his ongoing ‘runstreak’ challenge.

Andrew began his runstreak in June 2011 when he took part in ‘Juneathon’ a challenge to run every day through the month of June….and he hasn’t stopped since! Five and a half years later he has amassed an impressive 15,673 miles (which equates to a daily average of 7.8 miles or 95 days of continual running!!), a sub 3hr marathon and numerous ultra runs of various lengths up to 53 miles.

The official runstreak rules stipulate ‘A minimum of 1 mile to be covered in a 24 hour period’ Andrew tries to keep to a minimum of 3 miles, although a few occasions have necessitated less, in particular a 1 mile run around Dubai airport en-route to Sydney (passport in hand!)

When asked when he will stop? he answers “A good question, as long as I still enjoy it and it doesn’t become a chore then I’ll keep on going”

We say keep going Andrew and Congratulations on an amazing achievement!

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