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Anari is proud to support ‘The Smile Group’ charity

We were recently introduced to the Smile Group and their co-founder Natalie Nuttall through the Charity – Cheshire Connect. Cheshire Connect was established in 2011 by David Briggs, Lord Lieutenant of Cheshire and matches the skills and expertise of local businesses and professionals with the needs of the voluntary and community sector.

The Smile Group was founded in 2011 by Natalie and fellow parent Ruth Eglin after they both experienced Post Natal Depression and felt passionate about the need for parents to benefit from sustained peer support at a local level. Five years on and the charity has grown to the point where they can benefit from advice and support in business planning and processes, IT support and mentoring. Using our many technical staff and expertise in these areas we are confident that Anari can offer valuable help and support.

Director Dr Andy Wolstenholme said “We are really excited to be supporting this amazing charity and are really keen for Anari to help Smile support even more families and be even more successful. I think it’s the least we can do after 10 years of hard work building Anari into the organisation it is today. It’s remarkably rewarding already but don’t worry I won’t be counselling the families!”

Learn more about the Smile Group at http://www/

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